Links to Our Favorites

Links to Our Favorites

Here are website links to our favorite performers, all alumni of Coolwater Ranch Concerts. You’ll see a lot of the great fingerpickers and folkies. You’ll also find website information for local favorite resources.

Musician Links

Joyce Andersen –
Pierre Bensusan –
Claude Bourbon –
Michael Chapdelaine –
Peppino D’Agostino –
Mike Dowling –
Howard Emerson –
Peter Finger –
Tony Furtado –
Michael Gulezian –
Todd Hallawell –
Pete Huttlinger –
David Jacobs-Strain –
Laurence Juber –
Robin Kessinger –
Adrian Legg –
Dorian Michael –
Richard Smith –
Dave Stamey –
Myles Thompson –
Tim Thompson –
Harvey Reid –
Gove Scrivenor –
John Danley –
Bob Kaspar –
Preston Reed –
Tom Sauber –
Chance Thomas –

Local Sights/Points of Interest

Tenaya Lodge –
Stephen Stavast Gallery, Fine Art –
Williams Gallery West and Art Space Gallery –
Erna’s Elderberry House –
The Ahwahnee Hotel, Yosemite Nat’l. Park –
Ducey’s/Pines Resort at Bass Lake –
Historic Mariposa – 
Fresno Folklore Society –

Web Design/Graphic Design

Alan McAnulty –


1. No Alcohol, Drugs or Smoking!
2. Suggested donation for the artist of $20 – $30 at the door.
3. All proceeds go to the artist.
4. No children under 16 without prior arrangement. Music students encouraged.

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